Cancellations and Returns

This Agreement was last modified on 18th February 2016

Madras Vape products eligible for 7 days return policy

In most locations, the replacement item is delivered to you at the time of pick-up. In all other areas, the replacement is initiated after the originally delivered item is picked up. Please check the SMS & email we send you for your replacement request for more details.

Which products are not eligible for returns?

Madras vape return policy

Any sealed item which is not opened or tampered can be returned to us. Our Customer service team takes 2 Business day to Evaluate the item returned once approval completed the product can be returned or exchanged.

Do I have to return the freebie when I return a product?

Yes, the freebie has to be returned along with the product.

How do returns work?

You can raise a request to return your items with these simple steps:

  • 1. Log into your Madras Vape account
  • 2. Go to My Orders
  • 3. Click on ‘Return’ against the item you wish to return or exchange

You can send your request to

Once you raise a request, you’ll get an email and SMS confirming that your request is being processed. Based on the item, your request may be automatically approved or you may be contacted for more details. If the request is approved, the item will be picked up after which you will get a replacement or refund. You can also track the status of your return request instantly from the ‘My Orders’ section of your Madras Vape account.


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