Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 05th February 2018

Will e-cigarettes help me quit tobacco cigarettes?

  • Over 6.1 million smokers in Europe have successfully quit cigarettes because of vaping, and 9 million plus have reduced cigarette consumption with the use of e-cigarettes. Many find e-cigarettes to be far more effective than gums or patches as a harm reduction tool.
  • Many vapers claim to start with a 6mg strength e-liquid, and with time as their body demands lesser, they move down to 3mg or 0mg strength, to ultimately not even vaping at all.

Are E-Cigs / Vape Kits Safer than Tobacco cigarettes ?

  • Yes would be an under statement. This is your first step to leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Yes. e-cigarette/Vape is a popular harm reduction tool to tobacco cigarettes which is significantly safer. As per the most comprehensive and unbiased study by Public Health England, e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking. Vaping has no tar, no tobacco, no bad smell. Madras Vape™ products are meant for current tobacco smokers.

Is it safe to buy Vape Products from Local Pan Shops, Chemist, Electronic Shops ?

  • While there are a few shops stocking vape products, there are reported cases of duplicate/clone products, and the price points are generally too high. This is because currently there are no reliable suppliers to the market. Madras Vape aims to be the first most comprehensive and reliable supplier of international quality products at best prices.

Can i Smoke in Public places, Offices & Restaurant ?

  • Its always a matter of etiquette’s  where you choose to vape. It’s kindly advisable to vape in Smoking section only as matter of etiquette’s.

How to set up a  Vaping device ?

  • After opening the package, read the manual for instructions. You will need to join the tank to the battery, fill in the e-liquid, prime/wet the coil, turn on the device, inhale and exhale, and recharge when required. You will have to replace the coil from time to time. Don’t worry if this sounds intimidating. We are happy to help you

How long will an E-liquid last ?

  • Its always a ball park figure when comes to usage . 10 ml bottle should have a usage of 3-4 days

How expensive is vaping comparative to smoking  ?

  • In India, the cost of a pack of cigarettes is relatively Higher now a days after the GST turnover, thus the cost of smoking and the cost of vaping is approximately lower at this current period.

How long will a coil on a vape kit last ?

  • Depends on the coil type and usage, but on an average 15-25 days. also depends on the frequency

Can i carry vape on flights ?

  • Yes. However, given the lithium ion battery in devices, the DGCA (Govt. Authority) has made it mandatory to carry e-cigarettes in hand-luggage only. E-liquids can be carried in checked-in luggage. To receive an official statement, or if you have further questions please do not hesitate to mail us at

Medical field say about Vaping ?

  • Medical experts and professionals from UK are most supportive of vaping as a harm reduction tool. In India, the opinion is polarized, but with better dialogue and increased awareness, experts and scientists in India too are recognizing the safer aspect of e-cigarettes.

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